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Things that are stentorian

The first twenty five things that are stentorian, according to the examples at Wordnik:

  1. tones [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
  2. voices [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
  3. commands [xxx]
  4. defenses [xx]
  5. styles [xx]
  6. rings [x]
  7. growls [x]
  8. moments [x]
  9. ways [x]
  10. jocks [x]
  11. phrases [x]
  12. resonances [x]
  13. screams [x]
  14. baritones [x]
  15. announcements [x]
  16. greetings [x]
  17. pronouncements [x]
  18. engines [x]
  19. insults [x]
  20. thickness [x]
  21. yelps [x]
  22. breathing [x]
  23. wheezing [x]
  24. barks [x]
  25. snores [x]

“Stentorian” derives from Stentor, a herald of the Greeks during the Trojan War. This post is a response to Robert L Vaughn’s post on stentorian. I thought stentorian meant “in a grand rhetorical style,” but I think it does mean just “powerfully loud,” so Sacred Harp or black gospel music could be said to be sung in a typically stentorian manner, I think. But I’m not quite sure: there are not many musical examples. But “The Stentorian Harp” would be a cool name for a shape note songbook.

2 responses to “Things that are stentorian

  1. John Cook December 5, 2010 at 3:05 am

    In one of the Harry Potter movies, the announcer of a quiddich match holds his wand to his throat and says a spell in order to turn his voice into a loud speaker. If I remember correctly, the spell is a variation on “stentor.” I remember thinking that the spell was appropriate.

  2. R. L. Vaughn December 24, 2010 at 4:11 pm

    Finally got around to looking. I think you’re right. And a Stentorian Harp surely ought to make a good tunebook!

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