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I am a Wordnik

This week, I started as the lead engineer for Wordnik‘s analytics platform. Except I get a little antsy about the term “engineer,” so I asked them to make my title “Lead, Analytics Platform.” It’s a real pleasure to work with the Wordnik team so far–super excited to be working with Tony Tam and Erin McKean, and also former Powersetters Colin Pollack and Robert Voyer. When Robert joined Wordnik over a year ago, I badgered him into getting me an interview–it’s only now that it’s come to fruition.

There were many good things about working at Bing and Microsoft, especially the large amounts of friendship I found there, and the large amounts of data I got to explore and understand. Still, it was a real joy to fire up a terminal session and start exercising my atrophied Unix muscles.

I’ll be spending most of my time in Silicon Valley/San Francisco with visits back to Michigan from time to time.

Let me end by pointing to Erin’s inspiring TED talk, which was the starting point of my path to Wordnik.


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