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David Fetcho

David Fetcho’s
no small quelquechose—
A modern day Erasmus
and occasional Bacchus.

Idy Kiser

Idy Clare Kiser
Is a kind, wise advisor.
Pay attention. She takes her place
“Seventy-seven-on-the-top. The Child of Grace.”

Chris Biemann

Herr Doktor Biemann’s own graphical models
are ausgezeichnet,
If you are surmising that yours will do better
Likeyanknowjus  forgeddaboudit.


Robert Voyer

Robert Voyer
Shouldn’t be left to wait out in the foyer.
(He probably shouts an “¡Olé!”
If you pronounced it /fwä-ˌyā/)

Alexander C. Lipsey

Alexander C. Lipsey?
No, I’ve never seen him tipsy.
He’s by no means a drudge–
But he is sober as a judge.

David Fayram, Vicky Willis

David Fayram —
You might want to beware him.
His opinions are fearless;
His abilities, peerless.

Vicky Robbins, née Willis,
She was kind when I met her, and she still is.
She’s clever as beans
And she says what she means.

Hal Eisen

Hal Eisen
sail’d to the horizon.
He’d rather suffer beri-beri
than write code that’s proprietary.