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Cost of the Iraq War and the Economy

More stuff worth reading: Joseph Stiglitz’s testimony before Congress on the cost of the Iraqi War (pdf):

I have, so far, emphasized the direct economic costs as well as the opportunity costs—the diversion of funds that could have been used in so many other and better ways. I would be remiss, however, if I did not note that there are other costs: in the long run, the squandering of America’s leadership role in the international community, the diversion of attention from critical global issues, including issues like global warming and nuclear proliferation in North Korea—that simply won’t go away on their own, and that cannot simply wait to be addressed—may represent the largest and most longstanding legacy of this unfortunate war.

Some have characterized the Iraq War as a “war for oil.” If so, we lost this war, too: oil was $25 per barrel before the war, and over $100 per barrel now. Stiglitz conservatively reckons the war accounts for $5-$10 of the increase (though, confusingly, he actually thinks it is much higher).

And there is a direct connection between the war and the credit crisis (which goes unmentioned, by the way, in the New York Times front page article “Can’t Grasp Credit Crisis? Join the Club“):

It should have come as no surprise that, when America’s great financial institutions, Citibank and Merrill Lynch, needed money quickly, there were no pools of liquid cash available here. High oil prices and high national savings in China and elsewhere have created huge pools of wealth outside the United States, and it was to these that our financial institutions had to turn. It is, and should be, a cause of concern.

Death of print media?

’05 Proving To Be Worst Newspaper Year Since the last time it was bad. If you had to choose, would you prefer to see the Internet, or print media, die?

Funny, or horrifying, or both

Useful list of search company acquisitions

Poor Kalamazoo

Poor Kalamazoo: It looks like Pfizer is moving some 500 research jobs out of the area (most of these are actually in Portage, the city just to our south). They’re leaving most of the manuafacturing jobs, and animal research in the area, as well as a small research group. Kalamazoo was the world headquarters of the Upjohn Company, which merged with Pharmacia and then swallowed by Pfizer. This doesn’t bode well for Kalamazoo’s long term future. A local hobby shop, Rider’s, recently announced they are going out of business: the manager said:

We survived the close of the General Motors plant, but the layoffs and job transfers at Pfizer really hurt us.

and this was the earlier round of layoffs at Pfizer.

Governor Granholm is trying to negotiate the creation of a 3 billion dollar R&D fund with the Republican dominated legislature; she’s also traveling to Japan to woo Toyota to build plants in Michigan (here’s an article on the trip and the fund). Michigan is tied with Mississippi for the highest unemployment: it’s just possible that these efforts will help.