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I discovered “extended IPA” symbols today, including ʬ (smacking your lips). Which I think would be an awesome symbol for “will/whim.”


Father’s Day is coming, ʬ.net is available, but my family is not geeky enough to get it for me…


F# no parameter functions

Notes to myself: F# version

*Whenever* writing or using a no parameter function, give it an empty parameter list.

  let long_running_function() =


 let long_running_function =


 let long_running_function =

The last example will create a (global) non-function variable which evaluates to the result of the do_something function at load/compile time; probably not what is wanted.

Just wasted about 4 hours on this (since it was taking a long time, and consumed all the resources on my machine, it was difficulter to debug).

Whitelisting in Google Mail

Google Mail (Gmail) has been putting mail from the LinkedIn contacts and groups into the spam folder. I had to research how to whitelist domains in Gmail, and this is what I learned:

  1. Press the ‘Create a Filter’
  2. Enter the domain in the ‘From’ field
  3. Select the ‘Never send it to Spam’ option

And, hey presto: it’s been whitelisted.