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I discovered “extended IPA” symbols today, including ʬ (smacking your lips). Which I think would be an awesome symbol for “will/whim.”


Father’s Day is coming, ʬ.net is available, but my family is not geeky enough to get it for me…


Christmas 2010 Annual Reflections

Our annual Christmas letter.

Some years are hinge years; a door swinging from one place to another. 2010 has been a hinge year for us—Jane, Mark, Will and Bess Fitzgerald, with Jane and Mark shifting life stages and transitions for the church that meets in our home. Along the way, though, we’ve had many joys and normal engagements.  Here is a bit of the way life has swung for us this year. …



For Lent, I’ve decided to refrain from recreational checking of weblogs, Facebook and Twitter, starting February 17 until Easter Monday, April 5, 2010. I may be writing some weblog posts, and updating Facebook notes (and perhaps status), but after today, don’t expect to hear from me much except via the old ways, such as the Tele-Phone, Facsimile Transmission, and E-Mail. And F2F, of course.