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Democratic words and Democratic popularity

I was looking at the New York Times interactive graph of the Democratic candidates’ debate this morning, and noticed that the number of words spoken by each candidate correlates with their perceived popularity. Here’s my table of the numbers (click on the headers to sort by that column):

Dodd is listed as under 1% in the Zogby poll, but he managed almost 13% of the coverage.

One response to “Democratic words and Democratic popularity

  1. John Weathers November 2, 2007 at 2:23 pm

    Back when MSNBC held one of the first televised debates with the candidates, I watched with a computer spreadsheet in front of me and took note of statistics for measuring this kind of bias in the debate. I found similar results: http://wrathfuldove.org/2007/04/27/msnbc-presidential-debates/

    The corporate media are king makers filtering out the candidates that might rock the boat.

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