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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Quomodocunquizing clusterfists

Now, here’s an insult:

“Another thing there is,” he says, ” that fixeth a grievous scandal upon that nation in matter of philargyrie, or love of money, and it is this: There hath been in London, and repairing to it, for these many years together, a knot of Scotish bankers, collybists, or coine-coursers, of traffickers in merchandise to and againe, and of men of other professions, who by hook and crook, las et nefas, slight and might, (all being as fish their net could catch), having feathered their nests to some purpose, look so idolatrously upon their Dagon of wealth, and so closely, (like the earth’s dull center), hug all unto themselves, that for no respect of vertue, honour, kindred, patriotism, or whatever else, (be it never so recommendable), will they depart from so much as one single peny, whose emission doth not, without any hazard of loss, in a very short time superlucrate beyond all conscience an additionall increase to the heap of that stock which they so much adore; which churlish and tenacious humor hath made many that were not acquainted with any else of that country, to imagine all their compatriots infected with the same leprosie of a wretched peevishness, whereof those quomodocunquizing clusterfists and rapacious varlets have given of late such cannibal-like proofs, by their inhumanity and obdurate carriage towards some, (whose shoe-strings they are not worthy to unty), that were it not that a more able pen then [than] mine will assuredly not faile to jerk them on all sides, in case, by their better demeanour for the future, they endeavour not to wipe off the blot wherewith their native country, by their sordid avarice and miserable baseness, hath been so foully stained, I would at this very instant blaze them out in their names and surnames, notwithstanding tbe vizard of Presbyterian zeal wherewith they maske themselves, that like so many wolves, foxes, or Athenian Timons, they might in all times coming be debarred the benefit of any honest conversation.”

From Sir Thomas Urquart of Cromartie, by John Willcock (via Schott’s Vocabulary).

Whitelisting in Google Mail

Google Mail (Gmail) has been putting mail from the LinkedIn contacts and groups into the spam folder. I had to research how to whitelist domains in Gmail, and this is what I learned:

  1. Press the ‘Create a Filter’
  2. Enter the domain in the ‘From’ field
  3. Select the ‘Never send it to Spam’ option

And, hey presto: it’s been whitelisted.

    World’s longest logogol

    It was fun to review the world’s longest logogol (or palindrome) on Peter Norvig’s website today. A logogol is a word or phrase that has the same letters going forwards or going backwards. I think it’s cool that “logogol” is itself a logogol.